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Formula 4 NACAM Puebla 2016

The 2016 Formula 4 NACAM race in Puebla at the Miguel E. Abed circuit was an exciting race with two races held over the weekend. The first race was won by the Mexican driver Axel Matus, who put on a dominant performance and took the checkered flag with a comfortable lead. Matus also set the fastest lap time of the race, showcasing his speed and skill on the challenging circuit.

The second race of the weekend was won by another Mexican driver, Fernando Urrutia. Urrutia put on an impressive performance and fought off strong challenges from his rivals to take the victory. The fastest lap of the second race was set by Patricio O'Ward, another talented driver from Mexico who has gone on to achieve great success in motorsports.

Overall, the 2016 Formula 4 NACAM race in Puebla was a showcase of the talent and skill of the young drivers competing in the series, and a thrilling event for racing fans.

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