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  • What is AISHA by Momomoy Foto ?
    AISHA by Momomoy Foto is the official apparel store of Momomoy Foto. The concept is simple: Human + Machine. All designs are created by artificial intelligence and blended with the craft or human designers and artists. The perfect blend, just like driving your car. We embrace the car culture around the world and will support your passion and love for cars.
  • What is special about AISHA products?
    Our supply chain is sustainable and focused in reducing waste. No large stock of products to avoid waste and all products are produced on a order in, product out basis. This means whenever you place an order, the product starts its manufacture. We will process the order as close as the delivery location, minimizing shipping costs, using local resources whenever possible and reducing the total carbon print of the logistics and materials. This will, in the end, help us to offer better prices so we can continue to expand our lineup and offering the best products.
  • How long does it take to ship my products?
    Consider that at the time you place your order, the manufacturing process starts reducing the carbon print of our products as we do not handle large stocks. We work together with local business whenever possible to offer a quick production near the final delivery location. This is not always possible and we will select the best location based on products availability, shipping rates and environment impact. That is why we cannot promise fixed days for shipping, but in general the delivery can happen as fast as 4 business days. Please be patient, we work hard to deliver the best products as fast as possible!
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