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F4 NACAM Mexico 2016

The Formula 4 NACAM series held at the Centro Dinamico Pegaso in 2016 saw the talented drivers of North and Central America competing in a highly anticipated race. The race provided thrilling racing action, with young drivers showcasing their skills and determination to win. The team Martiga EG emerged victorious in the race, thanks to the outstanding performance of their driver, Patricio O'Ward.

Patricio O'Ward demonstrated his skill and talent in the qualifying session, taking pole position for the race. He continued his impressive form in the race, expertly navigating the challenging circuit and displaying great racecraft. O'Ward faced intense competition from his rivals but managed to maintain his composure and stay ahead.

The race provided a spectacle for the fans in attendance, with some high-speed overtaking maneuvers and exciting racing action. O'Ward, driving for the Martiga EG team, dominated the race and took the checkered flag in first place, securing a well-deserved victory for his team.

The Formula 4 NACAM series has become a popular platform for young drivers to showcase their skills and gain valuable experience. The race at the Centro Dinamico Pegaso in 2016 was a testament to the talent and determination of the drivers who compete in this exciting series. Patricio O'Ward's performance highlights the importance of skill and strategy in the highly competitive world of motorsport.

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